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For nearly 2 decades, Pinkney Tax Services has offered full-time and part-time bookkeeping in Fort McMurray for businesses and professionals. When we started our business we believed if we provided bookkeeping services with professionalism and respect, customers would  share their experience with friends and family. Today, over 90% of our business has come from referrals of previous customers.

Businesses put their trust in Pinkney Tax Services because of our expertise and because our family has been part of this community for over 40 years.

Your success is our success!

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Our Bookkeeping Process

The process begins with a clients discussing their needs with one of our bookkeepers. Appointments are not required but can be useful especially so you are not kept waiting. At this time, your bookkeeping needs and related issues are discussed and assessed. Once we understand your current process and needs, we are able to better advise on the kind of program we think best would best suit your business.

Sometimes our clients are just starting up a company. In other cases prospective clients require extra bookkeeping support. Regardless of the size of your business we suggest an option right for you. We offer weekly, monthly or quarterly bookkeeping services, payroll or a full-time dedicated bookkeeper.

Bookkeeping Example
Booking Services Fort McMurray

Bookkeeping services we provide:

  • Full or part-time bookkeeping services
  • A dedicated bookkeeper on your account
  • Support for variety of bookkeeping systems
  • Payroll
  • Bookkeeping services for new and established businesses
  • A convenient location and hours of operation

Keeping Current Books

Unattended bookkeeping can affect a business in a short period of time. As a result, the cleanup costs can be significant once CRA has initiated requirements. Keeping books current can be easily satisfied where proper bookkeeping is in place and tended to regularly. For this reason, our clients find our bookkeeping services and our bookkeepers an investment in peace of mind and cost savings.

Our clients have the confidence that we are here to speak on their behalf with the CRA as required (see link).The CRA has measured and practiced response  incorrectly kept books which can result in multiple demands that a small business may find difficult or impossible to handle on their own.

Energy to set things straight can detract the owner from their core business functions which in turn can harm a business. Should a business get behind with bookkeeping, it can be a downhill spiral from which it is difficult to recover. The CRA has a great deal of information regarding keeping proper records, we ensure these expectations are met.

Our Bookkeeping Process

We assess what bookkeeping systems are presently in place. If your current systems are serving you well and we can work with them and  no change is required, we continue on with the established process.

Other times it is wiser to better set-up the business with a more current system in bookkeeping and accounting. In this way a business is poised for growth and is often able to recoup any set-up costs in the short term through efficiencies.

We are happy to work with owner bookkeepers in providing direction on how to best organize their books. We can also assign staff to work with a business on how to restructure their in-house processes.

Some business require semi-annual assistance from our employees and other times they may stop by on a monthly basis. Whatever your needs, our bookkeeping department is her to be of service.

A Team of Bookkeepers and Tax Advisers

Our approach is to provide our clients with a consistent point of contact and the level of support they require. In most cases our customers work with the same bookkeeper over an extended period with our manager approving the final product, before anything is passed on to our chartered accountants. Having a great team in place makes all the difference.

Doing a good job together in keeping the books in great shape ensures the lowest possible accounting charges in filing the year-end with the accountant.

Pinkney Bookkeeping Team
Pinkney Bookkeeping Team

If you have been searching for Bookkeeping in Fort McMurray, consider Pinkney Tax Services. We offer a combination of turnkey business and bookkeeping services. Many clients comment on how efficient it is to having many of their business needs met at the same location.

If you have never spoken with us, we look forward to meeting you! If you have a general question for our bookkeepers, please check below or see our bookkeepers tip page here.

Feel free to also email us your questions and one of our bookkeepers will endeavor to answer online if it is of a general nature or call you to discuss your specific needs.

Bookkeeping is just one of the many services we offer at Pinkney Tax Service.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: A complete list of services can be found on our Home Page or call or visit us today to discuss your needs.

We look forward to meeting you!

Bookkeeping FAQ

Are you bookkeepers local staff? Yes our bookkeepers are our own staff and they live right here in Fort McMurray.

What kind bookkeeping software do you use? Our in-house software is Simply Accounting. We are able to work with customers to easily transition to our services regardless of the format of bookkeeping they currently use.

Do you do bookkeeping for professionals and associations? Yes! We provide bookkeeping for a wide variety of businesses, professionals and associations.

Can you help us set-up or better organize our daily bookkeeping and tax filing? Yes! We have helped many people get better organized and save money. Whether you are just getting set up, or need to refine your systems, give us a call to discuss your needs.

Are your bookkeepers experienced?  Yes! Our bookkeepers have many years of experience and their work is overseen by our office manager.

Call or visit us today to discuss your needs.

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Pinkney Tax Services

Unit A, 9903 Franklin Avenue

Fort McMurray, AB T9H 2K4


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