Pinkney Tax Services

Unit A, 9903 Franklin Avenue
Fort McMurray, AB T9H 2K4
P: (780) 799-2330


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Holidays – Times may vary

If you are in our door before closing time, our employees will remain after hours, until your return is addressed.

First come first served. Mail-in and drop off services Available.

We have found the most time efficient client service system during the March-April period, is a first come first served system. We do everything possible to keep our wait times to a minimum, and often the wait time may be only a few minutes. When some clients come in they specify the tax consultant they wish to deal with, and will choose to wait for that consultant. Our slowest times, traditionally, are early Sunday mornings, weekends after 3 pm, 5-7pm on weekdays, and the Good Friday-Easter weekend.

Some repeat clients, and occasionally a new client, will simply leave all of their information with the receptionist, and then return a few days later to sign off. Meanwhile if the consultant working on the file has any questions they will email such or leave a phone message.

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MORE INFORMATION: For a complete list of our service, please visit our HOME PAGE or call us today.


We are located at the corner of Franklin Avenue and Hardin Street on the north side of City Hall.

Ample customer parking is available behind our building. 

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