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Non-Resident Tax Payers

Pinkney Tax Services is able to prepare taxes for those residing in the NWT and all provinces, except Quebec.

We strongly advise all those working in the Fort McMurray region to have their taxes prepared locally, as tax operations outside of our city, province or country, may not be familiar with deductions you might or might not be entitled to. Frequently we have people come in who work in our region and live elsewhere, and have run into problems by having their taxes done by someone not familiar with our Fort McMurray tax situation.

Temporary Foreign Workers (TFWs)

At Pinkney Tax we have years of experience dealing with foreign taxpayers with homes and families outside of Canada, having done thousands of such returns.  Our first such experience was dealing with hundreds of Temporary Foreign Workers, brought over from the Philippines in 2003-2007, and after a year or two returned home. We have experience with Portuguese companies with substantial numbers of employees, as well as large groups of workers from India, Pakistan, Ireland, etc.

While the country of origin of foreign workers varies, the tax problems they encounter are very similar. They rotate in and out of Canada for a year or two, occasionally longer, and then return home permanently. We have also frequently seen foreign workers having to unexpectedly return home permanently, due to personal or family issues. Meanwhile such workers often are entitled to but never collect their tax refunds.

The first time the TFW comes in we have them designate us as their representative with Canada Revenue Agency, and then when they go home we can still represent them with CRA. We advise workers to keep their Canadian bank account open, and we insist on receiving their permanent email address, or that of a trusted relative or friend.

When the TFW, who has returned home, receives their T-4 from their former employer in Canada they email the slips to us, and we are able to complete their taxes, usually with some email communication back and forth. We arrange for deposit of their income tax refund into their Canadian bank account, which they then can transfer to their home country.

This is much more work for us than a normal return, so there is a service fee we charge for this special service. The TFW sometimes pays us before leaving Fort McMurray, arranges for a friend working in Fort McMurray to come in and pay us, uses a Money Mart or Pay Pal transfer, or arranges to send us a Canadian or American money order.

We assume that many TFWs have returned home leaving tax refunds in the thousands unclaimed. Our system has resulted in TFWs receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax refunds that they would have never claimed without the assistance of our specialized tax preparers and our system.

If you know of a company working in our region who may be interested in discussing and/or working with us in solving this income tax problem for their TFWs, we would welcome your suggesting they contact Wayne Pinkney or Tina Guilfoyle at Pinkney Tax Services.

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