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Welcome to Pinkney Tax Services. Over the past two decades, we have become the trusted source for personal taxes. We help our customers plan their finances, file their income taxes and maximize their tax returns. We are also able to help you best determine your best personal tax strategy to reduce your tax load in order to keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket where it belongs.

Walk-ins welcome!

We do everything possible to keep our wait times to a minimum, and often the wait time may be only a few minutes. When some clients come in they specify the tax consultant they wish to deal with, and will choose to wait for that consultant. 

Some repeat clients, and occasionally a new client, will simply leave all of their information with the receptionist, and then return a few days later to sign off. Meanwhile if the consultant working on the file has any questions they will email such or leave a phone message.

Personal Tax Services Offered

Whether your are employed, self-employed or retired, we are able to assess and recommend your best tax solutions for your personal situation when needed  our accountant can advise on complicated tax filings related to commission-based income, inheritance tax or capital gains from the sale of real estate. We are also able to advise on tax issues related rental property and investment income. Whatever your needs, our tax professionals, business advisers and accountant ensure you are in good hands.

  • Personal Tax Preparation
  • Income Tax Filing
  • Terminal Tax Returns
  • TFW Tax Filing
  • Non-resident Tax Filing

Hiring a professional tax service to prepare and file your personal income tax return is about peace of mind. Pinkney Tax Service is a trusted member of your community, we look at our neighbour’s success as part of our own.  


Please call us or drop by to have your personal tax preparation needs assessed by our friendly, professional staff. 

We look forward to serving you! 




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