For almost 20 years, as members of the Fort McMurray community, we take great pride in the success of our city – we are privileged to be a part of it!

We thank all of our customers for taking the time to provide us the reviews and commendations below.


“With a big chain tax company you are just a number in a long line-up. Here we feel we are part of a family. They do a great job and we know our taxes are done properly.

We definitely recommend Pinkney Tax to friends and colleagues each year.”

– Shaun and Allison Fagan

“My daughter and I had our taxes done the last six years by a lady working out of her home here in Fort Mc Murray. The last two years I have been audited by CRA.

Two years ago I paid back $1,500 and this year CRA demanded that I return $2,166. A colleague at work suggested I have Pinkney Tax look at my return.


By the time that Roz was finished assisting me, she did all the work, CRA reduced their demand from $2,166 to $84.98. Roz charged me less than $100.00 and I never had to do a thing, she just told me what to bring in and had me return to sign an amendment. 

My daughter and I will be dealing at Pinkney Tax for as long as we live here. They know what they are doing. Why deal with amateurs when experienced competent professionals are available? Thank you Roz. See you shortly to have you prepare the second amendment.”

Maxwell Wallace

Gale Marcil has lived in the Fort Mc Murray-Anzac area since 2007, while working as a process operator in the Oilsands. He has been dealing with Pinkney Tax Services since his arrival, reporting that he has dealt with a number of our tax employees and always been happy with the service.

This past year however Gale encountered a nightmare situation involving CRA, his employer and his bank. Gale’s employer has a mortgage assistance program for employees and his bank reported in error to the company and CRA, that the employer had made a substantial payment  toward his mortgage. His employer then paid $17,000 to CRA for the taxes on the bank reported mortgage support. When it was found that he did not receive the mortgage assistance his employer wanted him to repay the money they had paid to CRA on his behalf, as CRA refused to return the payment to the employer. After no success attempting to clear up the mess himself  he came into Pinkney Tax Services, and turned the situation over to Roz.

Gale reports that he received tremendous assistance from Roz who apparently cleared up the mess immediately. He uses words such as diligent, effective and swift to describe her actions. The bank admitted their error, and his employer apologized and dropped their request for the $17,000.

Gale plans on asking Roz to look after his taxes every year, and truly appreciated her assistance in clearing up this situation.



“They have a team of tax professionals who look after our our taxes, and we really appreciate the way it is done.

They are family to us. A National Company may come and go, but with Pinkney we know if we have a problem they will be here for us after the tax season. The are part of the community.

Our only regret with Pinkney is that we did not start dealing here sooner.”

– Bryan and Helen Hollett

Lois and her husband Dan were clients of Pinkney Tax since 2003, when he died on August 31, 2011. Lois reports that Roz with whom they had worked before, was “absolutely wonderful, prompt, compassionate and efficient in assisting her in getting everything in order for the Terminal Tax Return”. At that particular time in her life she described Roz as being “a solid anchor”. In addition Lois reported that Roz was also very helpful with organizing her children’s tax situation, both of whom were in University. – Lois Mac Donald



With my huge income tax return I purchased my new truck. (see photo) It couldn’t get any better. 

Also we will always be returning customers, even though we moved four hours away.  Pinkney Tax Services offer that personal service that I shall never forget.  Best regards to Wanda!”

– Debbie Macmullin-Coady



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